• About CryoCenter

    CryoCenter is a leading Cord Blood Bank on the base of Scientific Centre of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology.
    You can store the cord blood of your newborn here.

    More than 14 years of successful work. More than 22000 stored samples. Individual customer approach, flexible prices! These are some, but not all our advantages.

    We can not only store your cord blood! Center for Regenerative Medicine offers a new therapeutic approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injuries.

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  • Our services

    Cord blood collection

    Cord blood is the unique biological material, a sort of “biological insurance”.

    A child’s cord blood can be collected only once in a lifetime - during the birth, but it will be protecting the child for the whole life.

    Cord blood preservation is an invaluable present for your baby!

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  • Cell therapy

    CryoCenter in collaboration with leading Russian research and clinical institutes has developed an innovative approach to therapy and rehabilitation of patients suffering from various neurological disorders. This new method of the therapy based on the use of cord blood cells is approved in Russia for such pathologies as cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

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about CryoCenter
  • >14
    More than 14 years of successful work
  • 22000
    stored samples
  • 900
    samples used for therapy
  • a unique experience in treatment of neurological diseases
  • affordable prices, rate plans for every case
  • individual customer approach
  • strict compliance with international and Russian standards
  • the latest modern equipment and technology
  • safe secure storage
  • winner of the prize "Profession is life"